Veronica helped me a great deal with my (and previously with my girlfriend's) renter problems. She helped us without ever asking "what was in it for her" and didn't use it as an opportunity to push me into selling. I think Veronica has an honest and goodness that is rare in realtors. I would recommend her to anyone because of this.

- MC


I couldn’t be happier with my new home and the service I received from Veronica and Michael of Team Palin. The Team was patient, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and tirelessly helpful over the last year while I exhaustively viewed 50+ places, some twice! They gave me their honest opinions and never wavered to dig-in and find solutions to any obstacles along the way. Thank you for your dedication and support during a stressful time!!



Veronica Palin & Michael Gliday-Palin

I had so much pleasure and fun working with Veronica and Michael during the purchase of my first home. I was anxious about the process but they made the whole experience smooth and fun. They took their time showing me many homes, helped with the details of every aspect, and being very patient when I was uncertain. When I found my dream home, they made every step so easy and kept me up to date with all details.

During the move to my new home Michael and Veronica helped with renting a moving vehicle, carrying my packed items from the old place to my new home, and made sure each item went to the appropriate room. I am so thankful to Veronica and Michael for helping throughout the whole process. To-date, Veronica and Michael kept a good relationship and they are my close friends. I will recommend them to my friends and family.


I’ve only bought and sold 1 house in my life… so it was important that I work with someone who would take care of me and help me through such an important transition. 
Both Veronica and Michael went beyond what I would expect from a professional real estate agent. They were kind. Patient. Persevering. (It took MANY showings and open houses to get my house to sell) Educating me on the process. Taking me to look at comparable selling homes so we could come up with a great price. Helping me with the decluttering needed to showcase my home in it’s best light. And providing support in a myriad of big and small ways. They worked well together and backed each other up so I was always covered. I would highly recommend this team when you want to buy or sell a house with confidence and peace of mind!
- Jannette Anderson


Companies don’t hire people without first checking their references. You shouldn’t work with someone without checking their references either.


From the outset of the process to put our property up for sale, Veronica was entirely professional in her approach. She was thorough and helpful in offering advice in preparing the property for showing, and taking us through the legal processes of selling. We found her to be respectful and responsive to our questions and needs, and supportive of the decisions we made about price. We appreciated her human touch, good humour and overall we had full confidence in her as our agent. It was a pleasure working with her!

Hans and Donna


"I would rate my first time home buying experience with Veronica as a 10 out of 10. She was certainly knowledgeable and ethical but equally important to me, Veronica was patient and good-natured through the whole process. In my case, I faced the additional stress of a deadline. Veronica outlined the process, indulged me at times and helped me to be weigh the options with both feelings and objective criteria. Today I live in a great neighborhood, in a home that fits my personality. With Veronica's help I made a great decision. The experience had its stresses but Veronica acted like a rudder and so it was also very enjoyable. I am happy to recommend her."



"Veronica and Michael were very helpful guiding us through our first home buying experience. They scheduled multiple viewings quickly and kept us posted on new homes that were available according to our preferances."

First Time Home Buyers


To Whom It May Concern,

I am pleased to willingly provide this testimonial about my extremely positive, painless and productive 2009, downtown Calgary (Eau Claire), Condo-Selling real-estate experience with Realty Wizard, Ms. Veronica Palin.

Ms. Palin knows her stuff!
I am very glad I entrusted the sale of my condo to Veronica because she swiftly helped me clarify in my own mind, that I was not truly ready to sell back in March 2009.

Veronica communicates clearly and directly, in a Win/Win manner, versus Win/Lose or Lose/Win manner:

- I felt empowered when she explained how the "selling" versus "buying" process worked as this was my first time selling property.

- I appreciated her taking the time to review her role/responsibilities toward me throughout the process and vice-versa!

Maybe there was something serendipitous about how things played out, because by the time I had reached "True Readiness to Sell" on July 2nd, Ms. Palin had just closed another apartment style condo deal and as a result was totally primed/familiar/researched & knowledgeable on the condo market! I'm proud as a peacock, that thanks to Ms. Palin's prowess we listed it right at the sweet spot because my condo sold within less than one day. If we had been priced too high, it would not have sold so quickly! Overpriced condos don't move for months. And I didn't have months.

>From July 2nd's "decision to sell for sure" date to actually listing it for sale was three weeks. Efficient, I'd say.

I'm especially grateful for the crucially helpful extras she provided at her own cost:

- new switchplates and lightbulbs so the condo could be shown presentably

- free professional carpet cleaning (which really needed doing!)

- her excellent photographer (though my buyer had made her purchase without even looking at the pictures)

- a timely referral to an efficient real estate law office, and

- finding me an interim financier!

I would definitely utilize Veronica's realty services again, given the occasion and opportunity.

Very truly yours,
Lynda O. Wise


To the lucky customers of Veronica Palin,

Me and my wife was lucky enough to be one of the clients of Veronica. We were thankful we found and met the best realtor.

She is very accomodating and was actually amazed when she showed me the history, I mean 6 history just on one the houses we were

interested in which we now own it. Her wealth of information about certain properties in which she would research gave us good and

timely critical decision regarding offers and counteroffers.

We were very happy, because of Veronica we found the right property at the right price, and after all the dealings are

done here she comes with the wonderful gifts for your new home, carpet cleaning, furnace cleaning and housekeeping. I will

recommend Veronica to anyone I know who intends to buy or sell a house.

Rellie and Marrieta Magat


Hardworking, patient, guided by ethics and truly focused on providing value to her clients, Veronica is a true gem!

When it came to buying a house, Veronica patiently booked appointments and drove us around for almost a year until we found the “right” place. She then helped us to negotiate the best terms possible, while maintaining goodwill and successfully closing the deal. The result: A great inner-city home – at an affordable price-point - that uniquely fulfills each of our needs, wants and personalities.
When it came to selling our condo, Veronica provided excellent advice with respect to pricing, timing and low-cost renovations that would make our condo more appealing to potential buyers. She found as a great contractor (Ironwood Restorations) to update our tile, managed our painting and rug cleaning while we were out of town, orchestrated a photo shoot and prepared numerous sales materials to a high professional standard. The result: We sold our condo in one day, at above list price and for a premium per square foot.

Veronica Palin earned every cent of her commission! We truly appreciated the value and breadth of services that she provided, and recommend her and Michael - without hesitation – to anyone looking to buy or sell a home or condominium.

Heather and Jason McCrank


My experience with Veronica Palin as my real estate agent was nothing short of fantastic. Her professionalism and quick attention to any questions I had made me very comfortable with the entire experience. She’s very friendly and very helpful and really put her excellent skills to work to make sure the deal was completed without any problems. I wouldn’t hesitate at all to call Veronica again for any future real estate needs I might have and would absolutely recommend her to anyone. My sincere thanks for all of her work and attention. Mark Chefurka.


Hope you and Michael are doing great – and keeping warm!! : )